SMARTEST SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE, SMART act as your independent technology consultants. We are not influenced by supplier profit margins, brands, promotions or affiliations. We always design the SMARTest systems and products for your project.

The SMART team is passionate about technology. We have a profound technical understanding of how systems can be designed to provide you, your family and guests with a stunning and unique experience, that’s easy to use and created to meet your needs.

Our SMART consultants are dedicated to looking beyond the technology curve to discover, understand and assess the next generation of products that will be available within the lifetime of your project. By taking a holistic approach to how we use and deploy technology, we are able to design and advise on the SMARTest solutions available. This is without the need to be tied down to any single manufacturer.

With an infrastructure created to work with and alongside the next generation of technology, your systems lifespan will long surpass those of your neighbours’, friends and competitors.

SMART’s aim is to seek out and deliver the SMARTest, most cost effective solutions that can be found anywhere in the world. Our envied access to the world’s leading technology suppliers means SMART is uniquely placed to deliver on these promises.

SMART will turn your expectations into clear and definable actions in order to design and provide you with the SMARTest system solutions for your yacht or residence. The SMART emphasis is to focus our efforts on the deployment of the best engineering techniques that will allow your budget to be spent on tangible rather than fringe benefits.



Using our 3 stage System Design Service we find the answers you need to make sure we consistently deliver the solution you are looking for.

We start by creating an initial design for the project, dealing with issues such as:

  • Future, forward thinking research into knowing and understanding what products and systems may be available to you during the life of the project.
  • System design down to component levels.
  • GUI and control system design.
  • Interfacing design and compliance with third party systems.
  • Net space and engineering layout calculations.
  • Equipment matching, for example in terms of amplification and speaker performance.
  • Cable assessment.



Once the initial plans and space requirements have been agreed, further detailed calculations are then made to ensure the design can deliver at the performance levels required on a consistent and reliable basis.

Finally, SMART will also ensure the proposed systems adhere with all the necessary compliance and safety system directives for your super yacht or the relevant building regulations for your residence.

SMART is the leading independent specialist electronics and technology consultancy within the super yacht and ultra high net worth residential market. Our services range from survey and assessments of existing systems, to consulting on refit projects and new build work. Readily we are often called upon by some of the worlds’ leading yacht management companies, shipyards and designers to provide expert advice and to benefit from SMART’s unique approach to technology management. Our team of engineers and technology specialists will design and provide you the SMARTest solutions possible.

SMART is completely independent of any supplier or service provider. We do not accept any third party commissions or incentives for our work and never will.

The SMART way is simple:

  • We listen.

  • We design.

  • We deliver.

If you think you and your team would benefit from SMART’s involvement in your latest project then please get in touch today.


In a little over five years we have delivered to our clients over $15 million in savings, whilst still supplying the smartest solution for their needs with a level of quality assurance that is second to none.